hispanic parents have a sixth sense

this… this is mesmerizing. oh my god.



Now I’m not telling you to tell your son to go out with his hair matted to the side of his head or dirty, and not all black people do this but too often I hear black people tell young black boys that they got to “cut that nappy shit” or “aint no way we’re going to let you grow your hair”. They’re shamed for letting their hair grow and their parents are uncomfortable with it. It just goes along with Black people and our negative views about our own hair.

I work in the education system and I notice that young White, Asian, and Latin boys are allowed to rock a variety of short-mid length hairstyles. They are not just limited to the “low cut”. It seems that when Black boys try to do it they not only get made fun of as it being “nappy, ugly, peazy” but it’s reinforced by their parents.

We as a people think that when our hair grows out of our head it is unpresentable and we pass it down to our children. The only way a Black boy is presentable is when his hair is “clean-cut”. It’s a mindset that needs to change. We have to promote our own images.
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